Shadow & Flame
Tabletop firepit, isopropyl alcohol, projector

Shadow & Flame is an artwork that challenges our understanding of natural law by artificially mimicking and distorting the appearance of fire.

Drawing on Plato's Allegory of the Cave, the flame is here unbound from its shadow, setting the scene for yet another illusion.

A hidden projector is used to generate a virtual silhouette. It's only upon closer inspection that we discover that the dance of the flame is not in sync with what's performed on the wall, thus exposing our fallible assumptions of cause and effect—most don't notice the fact that a fire cannot cast direct shadows since it emits light waves, not darkness.

Seeing one of our oldest discoveries, fire, cloaked in a digital trompe l'oeil, reminds us of how modern technology can both illuminate and shroud the way we perceive the world.

When exhibited the artwork will be fueled by a gas bottle hidden in the plinth, which will sustain it over the course of the exhibition.

Shadow and Flame Sculpture by Interactive Artist Thomas Marcusson

Shadow and Flame Sculpture by Interactive Artist Thomas Marcusson



Tabletop firepit, short-throw projector
20 x 25 x 20cm


Plinth, white wall, space for ceiling mounted projector